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Beware Super S

Beware Super S

Beware Super S

It is with serious misgivings that we even mention the name ‘Super S: The man of extraordinary power’ here at id-iom HQ and there’s a reason for that…

The first time we met him he was all in our face shrieking that we’d infringed his copyright for using the letter S in one of our pieces. He reckons he invented the letter S back in the 80’s and everyone has been biting him and copying it ever since. The second time ended even worse when I had to restrain the other member of id-iom after Super S poked him in the chest whilst reeling off an obscenity laden list of trademark lawyers who were apparently going to eat us for breakfast.

Our third encounter was in court and it turns out that not only did he come up with the letter S back in 1982 but he’s also been working on a new letter ever since and it’s due to drop soon. In lieu of not having any money to pay him we agreed to do a piece as compensation so here it is. And that’s how it happened. I swear.




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