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Intencity burst

Intencity back room

Intencity front room – although in all fairness it doesn’t look much like my front room.

Intencity entrance

Sometimes there’s nothing we like more than heading to the gym for a tough session – of painting! Now i’m hardly proud of it but this job was the most time we’ve spent in a gym for more years than I care to count. It’s a concept gym (you wear a heart monitor and try to remain at the goal heart rate bpm whilst you’re working out) in Southgate and they needed some corresponding imagery to give the space a little lift.

A load of design revisions later and we had some pared down images approved and ready to go. They could only close the gym for a day so it was going to be one long shift to get it all done in one. At least we remembered to bring our masks with us this time. Ten hours later and we had the last stencil done and dusted. Given the relative darkness and the fact that the corridors are quite narrow  the photo’s are about as good as we’re going to get.




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