It’s colouring time!

It’s been a little while since we’ve been asked down the White Horse to furnish them with a little patented id-iom art for their fine establishment. We’ve done the ladies toilet doors before and they are quite something to behold before they get repainted.

Before working in the ladies I was under the impression they would be a demure locale refreshingly free from the kind of low grade graffiti often on show in the gents. How wrong I was. The gents toilet was, it turned out, pretty clean by comparison. And certainly had pretty tame graffiti given the calibre and number of swear words and associated pictures on the backs of the toilet doors in the ladies. Talk about potty mouth.

Anyway, given the proclivity of the ladies who frequent the toilets to keep adding embellishments to the decorations we thought we may as well bow to the inevitable and give them something fun to work with. I just hope they stay within the lines. We’ll be back in a few months for an update and I imagine you’ll see what I mean…




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