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A gentle reminder

The back of the door into the gents toilet at the White Horse had seen better days and was festooned with an array of hastily scribbled tags and football related slurs so we were asked to sprinkle a little id-iom magic on it and make it all better. Given that a lot of their customers on a weekend have definitely had a few jars we thought we’d give them a discreet reminder of exactly where they were so hopefully when they wake bleary eyed the next day there is no confusion over exactly where they’ve been.

That, plus the pair of eyes at the bottom of the door (which I read somewhere make people believe they’re being watched and so behave better) and the fact that there’s not much space for any extra graffiti will hopefully allow the door to remain relatively unscathed for longer. That’s the theory at least…

As an aside I really should remember that doing somewhat complicated lettering that must be aligned straight and true is easy at the design stage but really rather less so at the actual painting stage. Let that be a lesson to me.




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