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The First Earl

I’ve had The First Earl cut and ready to go for a while now. I just didn’t have anywhere suitable to put such a classy looking chap. After looking around for somewhere good to get it up I spotted what I thought was the perfect location; a likely looking rusty metal door that appeared to be just the right size with an agreeable amount of surface patina.

Once I’d confirmed it would fit it only remained to get him sprayed up which, as it turned out, was relatively quick and easy given that it was a one layer stencil. What I didn’t really think about in my excitement of finding a good spot was the fact that there would be hardly any contrast between the black of the piece and the darkness of the old door. Now I could go back and add some colour or an outline but that takes away from the nicely aged door and he was originally meant to be a standalone piece anyway so I’m hesitant to go back and mess with it. Perhaps the best answer is just to redo him somewhere else against a lighter background?

Eagle eyed viewers will of course spot why doing this piece in South London is somewhat inappropriate but I’ll leave that to you to figure out. Answers on a postcard…




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