Lost in the ether

Lost in the ether

Lost in the ether

Yesterday, whilst attempting to paint on the wrong side of a window, I managed to do a bit of other work pretty much by accident. Which was lucky as everything else attempted yesterday was just not fit for purpose. It was during the last few dying minutes of daylight, probably about 4pm (how depressing) while I was waiting to take a photo of the abortive window painting that I decided to go outside for a breath of fresh air when I happened to glance at the one of the numerous doors along the yard when an idea popped straight into my pea-sized brain.

Knowing my vision could crumble at any second I ran inside to find some paint only to be left with some watery black paint and no paint brush in sight. ‘No worries’ I thought to myself, ‘I’m a resourceful womble’ and so proceeded to look outside for the exact kind of stick needed like a primate hunting for a primitive tool. Anyway, before the light had vanished, I’d already done what was needed and even managed to get a somewhat ethereal photo to boot.




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