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Behind the mask

What lies behind the mask? In this case quite a lot of hard work. It’s just not been framed correctly. Right, stick with me on this one, it’ll probably get a little confusing. The whole idea with this piece was that you would be able to see through the lenses that make up his pupils to see a little of what was illuminated behind. This would then lead you to want to open the front of the piece (like a book cover) to see into his mind.

From the outside he looks like an old homeless guy but flip it open and you’d reveal his somewhat confused inner thinking. He was meant to be some kind of time traveller who’d made plans to come back and prevent an explosion from happening in San Francisco. Unfortunately for him the time jump addled his brains a little and now people just think he’s a crazy old guy who claims he’s from the future and knows how to stop armageddon. I did warn you that it wasn’t going to make much sense didn’t I? Clear as mud yeah?

A little more will be revealed when I get the piece back and can do a little video or some comparison pics so you can see the inner bit rather than just a glow from his eyes. I took ages stencilling and screenprinting it so it certainly needs to be seen. Whether you’ll like it more or not at that point is entirely up to you…




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