My turn to burn

My turn to burn

My turn to burn

There I was minding my own business on the way to the pub during summer when I came across this amazing bit of wood. Don’t ask me how the burn marks came about because I’m not sure but I would be interested to know. I’d like to imagine it involved a steel drum being used as a barbecue – but that’s pure speculation on my behalf and probably just because I’m a bit peckish.

With such a surface to work on I just had to figure out what to paint and how to paint it – and that is where the trusty pound shop filler came in handy. Anyway, once a liberal coating of the stuff had been applied to cover up the burned areas I wanted to paint over then we were good to go. For once we managed to keep it quite understated and just have the girl and the burned strips.

She’s up for sale and I’d love for her to go to a new home so we can actually have a bit of space back for working in. Drop us a line if interested…




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