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Evil Nazi Zombies from Outer Space – the sequel

The last time they tried it on we had to summon our Blitz spirit, roll up our sleeves and really get to work. The only thing that saved us then was a reanimated Winston Churchill who nobly sacrificed himself in a ball of atomic flame in a bid to stop the Nazi scourge once and for all. Somehow they live on. And now they’re back – and they won’t take ‘nein’ for an answer!

I’m going to get onto the Syfy channel right now and see if they want the rights. If they did Sharknado I think I’m in with a decent chance…




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Behold a pale horse…

There I was doing a bit of a spring clean in my studio/shed when I come across some old canvases and stencils behind a paint splattered table top. As it was Sunday and there’s always something better to do that tidying up I decided to put all my finds to good use. With the background already largely finished on this one a somewhat ghostly horse suggested itself for reasons best known to the muse. A little rummaging through the stencils and I’d found just the one to get on there. Once it was done I thought a little text around the edge to give it a little lift was all that was needed. The text reads:

‘And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder. One of the four beasts saying ‘Come and see’. And I saw. And behold a pale horse…’

As the canvas is old and a little cracked from winter in the shed I’m thinking the street is the best place for this bad lad. Now if I can just find somewhere suitable…



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Anatomy of a boss

With the phrase ‘like a boss’ in common parlance you may be under the false impression this piece is about someone who does stuff really well (hence ‘like a boss’) when in fact in this case I’m referring to the more old school definition of someone who owns your time and tells you what to do whilst simultaneously praising your efforts to your face and taking any credit for it behind your back. You know the guy. If you’ve never worked for such a person then aren’t you just the lucky one? Anyway, you can tell he’s a boss because of his dead eyed stare, heart of ice, pockets of cash, f*!k you attitude and his legs full of bitterness and lost hope. And that’s what makes them tick.



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2015 – id-iom’s best bits (as picked by us)

As it’s cold and miserable outside and the opportunities for painting are few and far between we thought we could cheer ourselves up with a little round up of our favourite pieces from the last year. So here they are (in no particular order):

This means war!

This means war! – what else are you meant to do when you see a bit of street furniture that has been knocked over by a car? – in Brixton

Give us your daily bread!

Give us your daily bread! Seagulls. They’re just avian yobs after all your food. – painted in Brixton

She's like the wind

She’s like the wind – on a reclaimed canvas. Now sold.

Paint & Beer 2015

Paint & Beer 2015 – painted in Amsterdam

We are all in the gutter

We are all in the gutter – from an Oscar Wilde quote –  painted on the Isle of Man

Glen Fandango

Glen Fandango – he’s a hard drinking goat/human hybrid. Don’t ask – painted in London

Temper Tantrum

Temper Tantrum – painted in London – featuring an acrylic angry child and matching shadow monster

Mr Snuffles

Mr Snuffles – Lila and her imaginary dog Mr Snuffles – painted in London

Beware Super S!

Beware Super S! – painted in London. Super S copyrighted the letter S back in the 80’s and now he’s out to sue…

The Greenbeard Effect

The Greenbeard Effect – from UPfest 2015 complete with foliage beard and LED eyes

For any more info on any of the pics you can visit our flickr page at



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If you’ve ever seen Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ then you’ll probably have some inkling of what ornithophobia is. It’s a type of specific phobia based on an irrational fear of birds. The thing is I don’t have ornithophobia and I don’t even know anyone with it (as sometimes these phobia’s can be learned responses). I put sole responsibility for this picture on the muse…

There I was with a tatty old canvas (that originally had some suitably vile printed picture of a rose on it) when the idea of painting a bird popped in to my abnormally small mammalian brain. And who am I to go against the grain? After looking at said bird the muse changed tact and sent me off trying to write some pithy if not indulgent text for the piece. After some sitting around drinking tea I came up with:

They hop from branch to branch

before they disappear

to see the birds

and hear their song

will always bring me fear

After reading that little ditty I think we can all agree that the Poet Laureate has nothing to worry about…



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The Friend Zone

The Friend Zone

The Friend Zone

I think ‘Friend Zone’ should have some accompanying theme music. I imagine it would be some kind of weird 70’s disco affair but perhaps that’s just me. The lady in this piece was going to be used in a commission but (doh!) I didn’t read the brief properly and soon realised that it wouldn’t work. That doesn’t mean she had to go to waste though. All it would take is a little love and attention and she would be good to go for something a little different. So i decided to change the sentiment from the commission piece and mix it up a little. The commission was to do with the moments before coupling whereas this piece shows the ramifications of what can happen after the deed is done. Unlucky pal, you’ve just been relegated to the Friend Zone…



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The Look of Love

The Look of Love

The Look of Love

Whilst back at Christmas my mum asked if we could come up with a little gift for a wedding that she was going to. This seemed like a ideal way to while away some time between the morning and afternoon downpours. Firstly we had to ascertain a few important facts about the soon-to-be-wed couple so set about asking my mum some important questions like ‘Who, what, where and when?’ All we received in response was the enigmatic reply ‘Me and now, the wedding is in two days!’

As brief’s for commissions go it’s not exactly much to work with but she didn’t seem inclined to supply us any further information. Anyway, this is exactly what we came up with for such a vague brief. I can’t be sure what they’ll think of it but can only wish them and the piece all the best for the future….



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