2015 – id-iom’s best bits (as picked by us)

As it’s cold and miserable outside and the opportunities for painting are few and far between we thought we could cheer ourselves up with a little round up of our favourite pieces from the last year. So here they are (in no particular order):

This means war!

This means war! – what else are you meant to do when you see a bit of street furniture that has been knocked over by a car? – in Brixton

Give us your daily bread!

Give us your daily bread! Seagulls. They’re just avian yobs after all your food. – painted in Brixton

She's like the wind

She’s like the wind – on a reclaimed canvas. Now sold.

Paint & Beer 2015

Paint & Beer 2015 – painted in Amsterdam

We are all in the gutter

We are all in the gutter – from an Oscar Wilde quote –  painted on the Isle of Man

Glen Fandango

Glen Fandango – he’s a hard drinking goat/human hybrid. Don’t ask – painted in London

Temper Tantrum

Temper Tantrum – painted in London – featuring an acrylic angry child and matching shadow monster

Mr Snuffles

Mr Snuffles – Lila and her imaginary dog Mr Snuffles – painted in London

Beware Super S!

Beware Super S! – painted in London. Super S copyrighted the letter S back in the 80’s and now he’s out to sue…

The Greenbeard Effect

The Greenbeard Effect – from UPfest 2015 complete with foliage beard and LED eyes

For any more info on any of the pics you can visit our flickr page at http://www.flickr.com/id-iom.




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