Murky Limenas

Murky Limenas

Murky Limenas

Now call me old fashioned but I like to be asked if I want ice or a piece of fruit in a drink I’m paying good money for. I always say yes to ice and no to fruit (just so you know). Who on earth thought that putting a slice of lime in a vodka and coke without asking was a good idea? C’mon, show yourself! I insist that this nonsense stop right now. At the moment my passive aggressive strategy for dealing with it is tutting, raising my eyebrows and then fishing the lime out with my fingers in a very undignified manner and tossing it onto the bar in full view of the drone who served me. Next time it happens I may have to escalate it to something a bit more physical. Murky limenas indeed…



Title: Murky Limenas
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic, ink, spray paint, watercolour and charcoal
Size: A2


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Filed under funny, Painting, sketch, street art

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