Iteration No. 47

Iteration No. 47

Iteration No. 47

This poor canvas has had a hard life. It’s been in development hell for a good 4 or 5 years or so with the pair of us making multiple attempts to finish it over that time. Things weren’t looking good for this old chap. The paint was getting thicker after every move and it would inevitably be whitewashed when whoever was last working on it would proclaim it a failure and move onto something more fruitful. It would then be handed over to the other member of id-iom with a snarky ‘Back to you. Best of luck with it…’

After languishing in this state for a long time it would seem like the muse felt sorry for both us and the canvas as she has graced us with a picture that we both haven’t yet wanted to whitewash. I’m still not sure if we’re actually happy with it or just happy to have it out of our hair. Anyway, please behold iteration No 47. Let’s hope it’s the last…




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