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Friday face

Sunday face

Friday/Sunday WIP

It’s Friday and you start the weekend with a spring in your step, a sparkle in your eye and only the very best of intentions. You tell yourself you’ll be well behaved and won’t get up to any late night hijinks. Just the one drink before heading home for an early night. Then, next thing you know, it’s sometime early on Sunday morning, you’re not exactly sure where you are or where you’ve been although you’ve clearly been out for over 24 hours and are looking decidedly the worse for wear. Surely we’ve all been there? This is a tribute to those ill advised nights out that are usually the most fun…

There’s nothing we at id-iom like more that a little road trip and it’s always good to catch up with old friends so when we had an offer to go down to Portsmouth and brighten up MyDogSighs’ aptly named studio ‘The Doghouse’ we jumped at the chance. The only shame was that we had to leave pretty much as soon as we’d finished to make it back to London in time for a friend’s party. Next time for drinks then…




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