Let the sun shine in – A choose your own adventure piece


Picture this. You’re id-iom and the sun is shining. You find a stencil which had been been sat there ready to spray but had somehow been forgotten. What do you do next? Well, you set about rectifying the problem just as quickly as you can. After identifying a likely looking door made of corrugated plastic you round up some paint and get to work. That door is ugly and needs an id-iom style makeover. As there’s 2 of you the next sequence is somewhat schizophrenic as you talk to yourself in order to get things done.

After only a short while you reach another hurdle in that you’d applied too much masonry paint and now have to sit there and watch paint dry. Being a resourceful pair of chaps you then decide there is a better use of your time so head to the nearest pub for some liquid refreshment. On your return you fear there will be no chance for a decent photo but to your surprise the photography gods are with and give you a nice backlit effect. Win. You go to bed that night thinking if you have to be id-iom for one more second you’ll probably go mad.




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Filed under art, Graffiti, Painting, stencil, street art

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