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Two hearts living in just one mind

People are far more complicated than they generally realise or would lead you to believe. From the quiet unassuming man who sits opposite you at work but is, surprisingly, the life & the soul of the party come the weekend to the closet racist who you’d have thought loves everyone when, in fact, the opposite is true.  In Japan they have the concept of honne and tatemae which are words that describe the contrast between a person’s true feelings (honne) and the behaviour one displays in public (tatemae or ‘facade’). Unless you get to know someone very well it’s rare to know both sides fully but they still remain flip sides of the same coin.

Anyway today’s pieces are trying to express that duality that is contained within us all. Whichever aspect is on top doesn’t negate the fact the flip side still exists. Personally I think the key to happiness is trying to minimise the difference between the two. But maybe that’s just me. Anyway, I just love to get ambigrams into our work if I can and I think I’ve outdone myself with getting the angel/devil ambigram involved in a piece where it actually makes some sense. As I’ve put it on there twice (but flipped one of them) it reads the same whichever way up you have the picture so with a bit of crafty framing you can flip it round whenever you want to give your room a bit of a change so basically it’s like two pictures for the price of one. Bargain or what? Anyway if enough of these sell and there is a clear preference on colour scheme I may go ahead and get a print done. I could even tailor the colours to personal preference if there was enough interest. Oh and did I mention there’s gold leaf of some kind on there too? This one’s got it all. Just drop us a line if interested…



PS I’ve also stuck an earworm in for the title. This pic really does have it all now.

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