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Owl be alright

Owl be alright

Owl be alright

I was walking down through the woods near the studio when to my horror a small owl dropped from its nest ahead of me. To make it worse it fell to the feet of a group teens with murder in their eyes and evil intent for this little avian beauty. After i shooed off the offending youths and  picked up the poor owlet, I held it out on my outstretched arm and asked her name.

“Athena” she replied

“After the goddess of war and wisdom?” I asked

“The one and same”

“Are you OK?” I blurted out to the small owl

” Yes i’m fine, thank you for your help but owl be alright” Athena proclaimed

I stared at her wondering if she had meant to make a joke, and then she winked at me with eyes full of mischief. We chatted for another few minutes on a range of subjects before we said bye to each other. Athena then flew away never for me to see her again although i sometimes get a whatsapp message giving some sage advice after she has seen something stupid i’ve done on Facebook.




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