I am a sexual tiger, hear me roar!!

I am a sexual tiger, hear me roar!!

I am a sexual tiger, hear me roar!!

This piece was made as a thank you to our tame web monkey who helped us out with our website. We had to get some help due to the fact that one half of id-iom nearly had an embolism just trying to log in to the site and I nearly lost all my hair scratching my head in confusion. With a little help though we eventually managed to log in but let me tell you that was only the start. SEO tracking, site population, themes, data entry, analytics, search optimisation, these are only a few of the things I forgot as soon as I was told.

With all that in mind we decided it was just too much for our measly little brains and called in the experts. Just like the A-team we first had to locate our globe travelling asset. We found him in Norway but as luck would have it was passing through London a few days later, so we hastily organised a meeting. We decided it best to meet on neutral ground so therefore the pub was decided on for our meeting, as nothing can every go wrong at a pub before lunchtime on a Thursday.

In fact things did go a little pear shaped but that’s a story for another time. Suffice it to say that enough business was conducted that we needed to give him a little something for his time. ‘I am a sexual tiger’ is the result. And what a fine specimen he is too.




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