Fish Fingers: The Truth


My life has been a lie. How can I right this colossal wrong? Can I speak to trading standards about the fact I’ve been mis-sold fish fingers my entire life. FISH DON’T HAVE FINGERS! It’s a fact. I’ve checked and double-checked. I even took up fishing for a while just to prove my point. So today’s piece is as much a public service announcement as it is art piece to vent my feelings on this most foul of lucifer’s lies. Fish do generally have teeth though. And this fish is, in fact, the pacu fish which is a close relative of the piranha and has teeth that look pretty much human-like. I’m not joking. Look up ‘pacu fish teeth’ if you don’t believe me.

As with all the pieces I’ve been doing recently he’s a bit of mixed media magic featuring some spraypaint, crystal resin, dymo tape and whatever else I was using.




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