The Rage

I’d never come across the term ‘rage quit’ until I witnessed my big brother (he’s over 40) playing Call of Duty and becoming so enraged by getting constantly taunted and killed by 11 year olds that he shouted a few choice swear words at the screen, launched the controller at the other sofa and stormed over to turn the console off. When I asked what that was all about he said quite calmly ‘oh I rage quit a few times a week’. Like it was normal. Now, that isn’t to say I haven’t been in a rage before but I’d like to think they are over something a little more important. Anyway, today’s piece is a little homage to that red mist of rage inside all of us that smoulders but never quite goes out and occasionally, although hopefully rarely, bursts into furious yet impotent life.

As with all the pieces I’ve been doing recently he’s a bit of mixed media magic featuring some spraypaint, crystal resin, dymo tape and whatever else I was using.



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