No not me, never not

No not me, never not

No not me, never not

So the UpFest crew has gone and produced another amazing book celebrating eight years of The Urban Paint festival and the hundreds of  related artworks that have been produced by artists from far and wide. To celebrate the launch they will be selling 100 unique hand painted book presses (50 in Bristol & 50 in London) which will house the new book. All book presses will be blind wrapped and randomly sold making each copy a proper surprise! Oooh exciting!!

Anyway we were asked to paint up one of these fellas and this is what we’ve come up with. ‘No not me, never not’ is a common phrase for us to use as one of our general day-to-day rules is to deny our involvement in any given situation. It’s generally safer that way. So we thought we’d share this pearl of advice with it’s new owner. But rather than plaster one of our ugly mugs on something that may well be staring at someone from their bookshelf for eternity we thought it best to combine our rule of thumb with a more photogenic subject. Apparently that’s called marketing and it’s proved to be effective. So let’s hope it’s new owner will heed our advice of never admitting to anything (unless you have to). Here ends the lesson.






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