Check the grid on that!

Check the grid on that!

Check the grid on that!

On the list of things I never thought I’d get for Christmas a box full of real human teeth was pretty high up there. So imagine my surprise (and joy – we’re artists and like weird stuff) when that’s exactly what we were presented with when back home for Christmas. It just so happens that a couple we know who like to visit the auction rooms came upon the box whilst at an auction and immediately thought of us. How very kind.

Although we were on holiday art never sleeps so we donned our thinking caps whilst watching the first Despicable Me film and, thankfully, that was all the spark we needed to get an idea on the go. I’m usually my own worst enemy when it come to getting something finished but this time I had nieces & nephews, soiree’s & parties, walks & talks and family & friends to contend with so it was a little slow to get to completion. Nevertheless, being the plucky urban artists that we are, we managed to get it finished with minutes to spare before being ferried off to the airport for my return flight.  I give you ‘Check the grid on that’ which could handily be subtitled ‘the boy who never brushed his teeth’. So, happy new year and don’t forget to brush!!




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