Pastel Splat

pastel Splat

Pastel Splat

Can you name a female clown? You have 5 seconds. I didn’t think so. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to the you Splat the Clown . Here we have Splat’s serene clown face in profile. In yet another male dominated profession she has risen to the top by the sheer force of her tomfoolery and pratfalls. Her aim with a custard pie is nothing short of exceptional but, like everyone, she occasionally needs a little down time to recharge and here she is in a rare moment of repose before her trademark toothy grin comes back into play.

Does this make any sense? Have I been drinking again? Who knows. Tune in tomorrow for more of the same…




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Filed under art, Graffiti, mixed media, Painting, sketch, street art

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