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The not so free to you and me

The not so free to you and me

The not so free to you and me

We here at id-iom aren’t really what you would call political beasts and we generally leave that kind of thing to others but occasionally things happen in the world which it’s difficult to ignore. My ‘thing’ consisted of watching the news last Sunday and being somewhat dismayed about what I was hearing about America’s newest leader. Not that it was qualitatively different to the nonsense that had come before but it somehow just made me fully realise that this perma-tanned narcissist was now ‘the leader of the free world’. Weird or what?

Anyway, a few days before i’d watched a video on caricatures so thought i’d give it a quick go with the Donald. Apparently the first thing you have to do is accentuate the part that represents most about him, so as you can see i drew his mouth a little puckered up and then put the symbol of free America – the bald eagle – as a little comedy bird which now lives in his wig. And that’s that. Politics class is over.




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