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Give way to oncoming Motherfu*kers

Give way to oncoming Motherfuckers

Give way to oncoming Motherfuckers

Once every blue moon we here at id-iom like to go for a few cheeky drinks with none other than Sir Asmund Quayle, reprobate extraordinaire and disillusioned messiah of everything. To say a little fun is had is quite the understatement, in fact it takes the months in between theses drinking bouts just to mentally prepare for the next and to fully allow your fun levels to rise to a healthy amount. I’ve seen people who just didn’t have enough in the tank turn in to empty husks as Sir Asmund drains them of all they have.

This piece is based on a slight altercation we had with some disillusioned youths who thought that our merriment was an invitation to start some trouble. Needless to say by the end of our disagreement this gang of fools was soon singing to our tune with one meaning ful phrase rolling about in their undeveloped minds – ‘Give way to oncoming Motherfuckers’

It was made using the magic paint pen and acrylic on found street sign which is 56cm x 96cm. Drop us a line if interested.




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