Nothing to shake a stick at

Nothing to shake a stick at

Nothing to shake a stick at

‘Nothing to shake a stick at’ seems to be a phrase that confuses people in general and this woman in particular. A quick internet search reveals that the phrases origins are shrouded in mystery. Could it be from farmers counting cattle or maybe counting fallen foes in battle? Who knows? This picture has nothing to do with it anyway.

In our studio we have a stout old stick used to defend ourselves against the spiders that thrive there. One day I came in, fearful of the spiders as usual, and found that the other half of id-iom had done a thorough clean the day before so there was literally nothing to shake a stick at. I celebrated with this picture. They’re back now of course and twice as big. I think they’ve been feeding on the neighbourhood cats judging by the size of them…




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Filed under art, mixed media, Painting, sketch, street art

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