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Potfingered Pete

Potfingered Pete

Potfingered Pete

Pssst! Wanna hear a story?

Peter here used to work for the council maintaining the parks and green spaces. He was good at his job and stuck at it for 22 years until the council streamlined their financing and outsourced park maintenance to a private company. After a lengthy period of unemployment Peter now grows what is undoubtedly the finest cannabis in the Rhondda Valley. Hooray for Peter!

Our portrait of Potfingered Pete makes him look a little sinister but then for the last few years he’s lived by the motto ‘old age and treachery beats youth and exuberance’ and who’s to say he’s wrong. On A4 and made using the magic of watercolour, acrylic and pencil. Drop us a line if interested…




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