I’ll Be Honest (No Context Required – Vladimir Putin) mini me version

I’ve already done a larger hand painted version of this piece but I couldn’t resist doing a mini me version of our ‘No Context Required – Vladimir Putin’ piece featuring a quote from Russian President Putin following an interesting bit of video where he kisses the stomach of a little boy whilst out and about in Russia somewhere. If you haven’t seen it then I suggest you put ‘Putin kiss boy’s stomach’ into Google and follow one of the links. To say it’s a bit weird is probably something of an understatement.

Anyway this quote is what he had to say about the incident but once you combine it with the angry looking man bear you have another quality id-iom piece. It’s laser engraved on wood and stands proud at 13 x 9cm and even features an out of context Hello Kitty character and I’ve even robbed the Honest Burgers logo just to really mix it up. Drop us a line if you’re interested – it’s going cheap…




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Filed under art, cutout, funny, laser cut, products

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