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Bonum Iaculat Me Babber (id-iom @ UPfest 2017)

So it’s that time of year when we pack the id-iomobile with just about everything we’ve got and head down to Bristol for UPfest. After discarding about a dozen designs we settled on ‘Bonum Iaculat Me Babber’ partly because we both thought it was an impactful design and we could include some 3D sculptural elements but also because it was Wednesday and we were running out of time.

On Saturday the weather was looking a little dicey so we were aiming to get finished by 4 when the rain was predicted. Luckily the rain didn’t come til 6 so despite the fact we actually finished about 5.30 all was well. The translated text says ‘Good shot me babber’ with the first bit being in Latin (as I thought it sounded mysterious and a bit classier) and ‘me babber’ being a Bristolian phrase meaning ‘my friend’ or similar. Adding the arrows, cigarette and monocle gave it that final id-iom touch and once we’d got a shot featuring the tree in the background looking like his hair we were free to quaff some ‘mission completed’ beers. Cheers to all the UPfest crew for having us and putting on such a sterling performance. as usual.




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Something a bit more Formal

Capitalist lapdogs that we are we sometimes choose to work for actual money rather than the superior feeling that comes from being part of a wildly successful artistic team or , of course, ‘exposure’. As a case in point here’s a building company logo sprayed on the hoardings surrounding their site in an effort to deter graffiti artists from desecrating the boards. The irony is not lost on me.



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Skin and Bones

Sooooo, I’ve written a zombie book called Skin & Bones. I’ve yet to do anything with it other than give it to a few friends to read so thought I’d remedy that by attempting some feeble marketing for it and giving it a shameless plug here. This text would ideally be the back of the book blurb. If you’re at all interested then drop me a line. Here’s what the text says:

This morning you woke up feeling a little unwell. You have no appetite, your head is aching, your throat is sore and you think you might have a slight fever. You don’t know it yet, but the zombie virus has already been working away inside you for a week or so and has been busy attacking your immune system. It’s reached the stage where it’s really about make it’s presence known.

Exactly when and where you were infected is unclear as it can take anything between 21 and 30 days from initial infection to the first proper symptoms. What is more certain is that you are now infectious yourself and have been for a while. Your family, friends and anyone else in close contact with you are all in mortal danger.

The next couple of days will determine if you are one of the lucky few who has some natural resistance and will, at least, survive the infection stage or not. In the highly probable event that you have no resistance then, at some time between 3 and 4 weeks after infection, you can expect the whites of your eyes to turn red, your vomit and diarrhoea will now be charged with infected blood and large blood blisters develop under your skin. You are now at the peak of infectiousness as the virus particles, eager to find their next victim, replicate swiftly inside your body.

What comes next is straight out of a movie. Your brain heats up and you become more aggressive as your mental faculties begin to deteriorate. At some point you’ll become unconscious and then the next time you open your eyes you will no longer be in control of yourself. You are now constantly hungry for human flesh and have the overriding urge to bite someone. Satisfying your cravings is now all your limited intellect can cope with. Congratulations, you are now a zombie.

Calling you a zombie would probably suffice in a pinch but isn’t quite correct however and the term ‘living dead’ would probably seem a better fit. But you won’t care. The virus has made permanent changes. From the second you were infected the grave is your only and eventual way out. At least by that point you’ll have no knowledge of what you’re doing. Just following some of the baser human instincts that have been modified and enhanced. Your end is nigh. Along with just about everybody else’s…



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She walks in beauty (id-iom @ WXSP 2017)

For our fifth visit to Whitecross Street Party we thought we’d go for something mysterious and classy. Whether or not that’s worked is up to you to decide. The lady is based on a picture of ‘plus size’ model Robyn Lawley. Why on earth she is referred to as ‘plus size’ is beyond me though. If you saw her in the street I’m pretty much ‘plus size’ would be the last thing you’d be thinking. It’s an odd world we inhabit.

The lettering we’ve used all over the piece is Lord Byron’s poem ‘She walks in beauty’. Apparently he went to a ball and met his cousin by marriage, Mrs Anne Beatrice Wilmot, who was in mourning and wearing a black dress set with spangles and next morning he’d come up with what is widely regarded as his most famous work. Inspiration can strike at strange times it would seem. Once you’ve combined that with our extra busy striped background then you’ve got another certified id-iom piece. It’s on a 120cm square board. Just drop us a line if interested.

A big thanks to Teddy for having us and, as ever, it’s nice to catch up with the various people that dropped by for a chat. Let’s hope we can bring back some glorious sunshine for next year…



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So there I was fresh back off holiday and not really wanting to get back into the swing of things when I decided I would tidy the studio. This might seem like procrastination but then again you didn’t see the state of the studio. In my personal opinion it was a monumental task. Whilst sifting through our collected stuff I came across an AP of our first and only ever proper print and thought that i should do something with it apart from rolling it back up and hiding it away again. So you guessed – it’s competition time folks! How shall we go about this? Shall we say like and share this post or the equivalent to what social media you are seeing this on and at the beginning of next week we’ll choose a random person and get it sent off to them. Now doesn’t that seem like a spiffy competition to get involved in!!




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Whilst scratching my head one day trying to find the Muse I decided to jump on the interweb to do a bit of research on the old girl herself. To my astonishment I found out she has 8 siblings. Imagine that. Not just that but their parents were Zeus and Mnemosyne who, as I’m sure we all know, are the God of Gods and the Goddess of Memory. Now if that isn’t a parental power couple i don’t know what is. The story goes that Zeus and Mnemosyne  slept together for nine consecutive nights, thus birthing the nine Muses. The muses supposedly are Calliope (epic poetry), Clio (history), Euterpe (music), Erato (lyric poetry), Melpomene (tragedy), Polyhymnia (hymns), Terpsichore (dance), Thalia (comedy) and Urania (astronomy).

The reason I say supposedly is because for one there is no muse of artists and that’s who I keep taking instruction from and I’m pretty sure the muse I get popping in to my head is called ‘Techno’ or at least that’s what i think she’s called. Hmmm. Perhaps all the mercury in this cheap paint is getting to me after all…

She’s on A4 paper and made using the power of Pencil, watercolour and charcoal. Drop us a line if interested.



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Queen of Clubs

We offer today’s post with something of a heavy heart as it’s the first memorial piece we’ve done. It was created to mark the passing of a good friend who sadly leaves behind her a husband and two young kids. Our love goes out to them.

If you knew Ali then you knew that the most important thing to her was her family but also that she loved playing her role within the music industry. To that end we’ve created a kind of playing card design to signify her ‘Queen of Clubs’ status (obviously) featuring the Plug logo and references to her husband and kids. She was a fun loving mother, wife and daughter who was taken at far too young an age. I could try and say more but words seem to fail me.

The piece is lasercut on wood and then handpainted with the small extra heart and star elements stuck on for the final touch.

Much love


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