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Off the cuff

Off the cuff

Off the cuff

I’ve managed to damage my rotator cuff somehow. If you’ve ever done the same you’ll know how incredibly painful it is. I only usually cry at soppy Hollywood movies like Cool Runnings but a few days ago I have to admit i might of got a little teary thanks to my own shoulder. It would have to be my right shoulder as, of course, I’m right handed which means work has slowed down somewhat.

That said i did manage to finish this piece which is a kind of self portrait in the fact i think it perfectly interprets how i’m feeling at the minute. Eyes that look both wild and sedated at the same time.¬†And I’ve added the crown to show everyone what a big boy I am dealing with such unamusing sensations.¬†Painted on A3 paper using acrylic, paint pen, charcoal and gold leaf. Drop us a line if interested.




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