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Gorilla glue #4

Gorilla glue #4

Gorilla glue #4

So there I was having a nice quiet drink when someone comes along and offers me some gorilla glue. Being the astute artist type I am I say yes thinking it’s a brand of masking tape. Little did I know it was actually intergalactic grade hyper skunk and feeling beholden to the man I took a few leisurely drags on the zoot. To my dismay the worst possible thing that could happen, did happen. I did my best impression of a ghost and pulled a whitey! Needless to say I didn’t get to finish my drink as I stumbled off home whispering sweet nothing to myself. Eventually though I found myself at my front door feeling pretty good but the question was ‘Do i go back to the pub or do I just go inside to bed?’. Well I answered that by sitting myself down and drawing how I just felt. And I think you can guess what this picture is about…

P.s. I’ve just found out that there actually is a brand of masking tape called ‘Gorilla Glue’, when will i learn!




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