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Love the person within

Love the person within

Love the person within

Now this might seem quite a difficult proposition when you have devil horns and pincer-like claws for hands but this guy is actually a very prominent self-help guru who gets paid handsomely to tell people such mantra’s as ‘Love the person within’. I first met him with Sir Asmund Quayle who was taking a┬ácourt mandated course which stemmed from an unfortunate accident involving two police officers, a bag of wine gums and a small falabella called rusty. I’m not exactly sure why crab hands was there but I’m pretty sure he shouldn’t have been left in a room with Sir Asmund. By the end of the course they were as thick as thieves and planning a hedonistic self help royal rumble, whatever one of them is, but they did promise me tickets so I’ll let you know how it goes.




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