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The disquiet

There isn’t much that gets this man worked up but he is certainly feeling the disquiet today. That’s mainly due to the fact that he’s just found out that his favourite pub is being turned in to a cat cafe/dairy free cereal bar. He’s heard the term hipster before but thought it was probably some kind of walking aid for the infirm. The real definition however is beginning to dawn on him and he’s slowly starting to realise the implications of gentrification and the influx of these new age techno babble invaders. Just the other day he was stopped outside one of these newfangled coffee shops and was asked if he wanted to try a grande, 1/2 breve, 1/2 skim, 1 pump toffee nut, 3 pump white mocha whip with toffee nut sprinkles. What is a man meant to do when presented with such information? Well, you can see the results for yourself quite clearly.




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