Too much too soon

When invited to a party full of models, musicians, actors and celebrities you should really have a game plan because if not things can get out of hand rather quickly. Nemo here got invited to a high class do which included the cream of London’s elite. No one was quite sure how he got an invite but somehow he had managed to get himself one of these elusive golden tickets. On entering the party at one of London’s most exclusive hotels he realised he was totally out of his depth. He could tell these people were just more urbane than he ever could be and thought maybe he should just leave and have this as a good enough story to tell people but before he could make up his mind a waiter passed him and offered him some champagne and then, as they say, all bets were off.

On A3 paper using acrylic, spray paint, tipex, glitter and paint pen. Drop us a line if interested.




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