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Something squiffy

Most of us have been some degree of drunk at one time or another. This gentleman, however, seems to have taken things to extremes. Just to make things clear I only met him the once. Thankfully.

When I clapped eyes on him outside the pub the other night he was moving like he was in a slow-motion video whilst everyone else around him was moving at what is considered a normal and acceptable speed.¬† It was quite disconcerting I do have to say. It somehow created a mist of cognitive dissonance that had people feeling like the pavement had started to roll like the waves of the ocean and they were all becoming seasick whilst merely sitting outside the pub. I have never seen such mass hysteria and all from some drunk fool who kept shouting that he had drunk ‘something squiffy’. Be warned.

On A4 paper made using ink, acrylic and watercolour. Drop us a line if interested.




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