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Wonky John

With John here you have to wonder what came first his name or his wonkiness and that is a difficult thing to answer with any degree of truth. I’m pretty sure John’s parents somehow knew he would be the world’s one and only wonkometer and that one day he would save the world. You see John had the uncanny ability to see if something was off, not quite right, a bit squiffy and not just in the sense of a picture being straight for example (which, of course,  he could do with supreme accuracy) but also a kind of sixth sense that would allow him to see to the truth of matters. Due to a series of highly improbably but extremely fortunate incidents John became the special counsel to the Dalai Lama and the rest is history. Wait a second. What year is this? I may have jumped the gun. Ignore that last sentence about the Dalai Lama…




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