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The taste of my cherry lips

Margaret here used to be one of the worlds most famous supermodels. She could demand pretty much anything she wanted and the people surrounding her would grovel around and get it.

Sadly just last Friday she was bitten by a vampire called Dicky who on the vampire scale is pretty low on the ladder as he himself was only bitten the week before that. So, as you may expect, he has no castle or timeless treasures to speak of. In fact, all he has is a one bed flat just outside Epsom which has been surrounded by cats that constantly hiss at him now he’s a vampire.

Margaret, on the other hand, is now THE most famous of supermodels. All the other models are jealous as she parties all night, is paid more, is never seen eating and she has such pale and delicate skin. If only they knew…




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Today’s eBay piece is ‘Blaaaaa’ you can check it out on the link below…


You know sometimes when you’re speaking to someone and you get the distinct impression that no matter how you go forward with the supposed conversation they are, in fact, delivering a soliloquy to which you are expected to be nothing other than a passive receptacle for their ill considered ramblings.

They may be ‘drunk’ or just plain ignorant but there is always a solution for dealing with such nuisances. These range from the somewhat passive ‘I’m just heading to the loo’ (obviously not in order to return) to the more confrontational ‘just what on earth are you talking about?’ to the downright aggressive approach of giving them a Captain Kirk style ninja chop to the side of their neck. It’s all about balancing up the escape opportunities and the threat level presented. In the case of this picture it appears to just be a drunken girl so you have the whole spectrum of responses to consider. It’s down to you…



Title: Blaaaa
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic, pencil, pastel and charcoal
Size: A4

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