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Fright Fright Fright Night

For those not in the know Hop-tu-Naa is a Celtic festival celebrated in the Isle of Man on 31 October when the rest of the UK celebrate Halloween.

On the Isle of Man today, many groups of people continue the tradition of singing Hop-Tu-Naa songs around the houses with turnip lanterns. In addition to this, many Hop-Tu-Naa events take place across the Isle of Man each year, most of which today include competitions for turnip carving and the singing of traditional songs

One of the more perverse traditions though is the hunting of Milky. It just so happens that Milky here has a turnip for a head so as I’m sure you can understand is very wary of this time of year. Instead of having fun like everyone else Milky has to go on the run for up to two weeks before Hop-Tu-Naa in case any young ruffian tries to carve his head for a lantern.

I managed to do this piece as he was packing his bags getting ready to flee into the Manx wilderness until this year’s hysteria has blown over.




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