Perfect female animal

Today on eBay we have ‘I married the perfect female animal’. You can check in on the link below:

I think I can speak for a large proportion of men in saying that finding the perfect female animal is pretty high up there on the list of reasons for marriage. Although, saying that, marriage is hardly the inviolable institution it used to be. Anyway, I digress…  Just take a look at this beauty. She be smart, willing, eager and easily pleased. What more could a man want? I’m sure there’s numerous wisecracks I could insert at this point but I’m going to be the bigger man and just let it lie.

This picture have been reimagined from an actual news headline. I fill my head with this grubby nonsense so you don’t have to. Vive la revolution!


Title: I married the perfect female animal

Materials: Paint pen, acrylic and charcoal

Size: A4


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