Tarred and feathered

I’m really not sure where young Aslac here has been for the last few days but he’s just returned tarred and feathered. It’s entirely unclear how this has happened but judging by the glint in the eye of his uncle, Sir Asmund Quayle I have my suspicions that rather than simply retrieve him from the party he had been tasked to fetch him from instead entered the party and showed those youngsters how to do it properly and ultimately tarred and feathered his own nephew. Probably for falling asleep if I know anything about Sir Asmund.  

Looking at his eyes though it was clear there was more than just a couple of shandy’s being consumed at this get together. Looking at the pair of them I decided it was probably a combo of both. Here ends the lesson. Take from it what you will.

Aslac here is made from clay, resin and latex with the addition of some glass taxidermy owl eyes and some teeth found at a car boot sale. I do love what you can womble when out and about. And is available to be rehoused. He’s not really welcome round here any longer…




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