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Staring into the void

As Patricia stood staring into the abyss that was her life all she could think about was the good times when there were things to be thankful for, when there was colour in her life. Sadly those times are no more as she recently got diagnosed with complete colour blindness after watching too much Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain. Now she sees the world in greyscale. Not just that but she also has cataracts which is making her eyesight blurry.

Nowadays Patricia just sits trying to remember the kaleidoscope of colours that once permeated her vision but to no avail. Sometimes she feels like her vision is improving and that she can see the blue in the sky but she now realises that this is just a precursor to a migraine that she will invariably have for a day or two.

Due to this Patricia is now considering a career as an art critic because she feels she’s bitter enough thanks to her incredibly poor eyesight which she feels will serve her well in this new profession. She asked if she could have a look at the picture once I was done. I won’t be doing that again…




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