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id-iom go back to school

Usually when we work we like to get paid with a large bag of untraceable diamonds but very occasionally we’ll do it just to see a row of smiling children’s faces that come complete with questions/statements such as ‘Wow. You’re really good’, ‘Will you paint a rainbow?’, ‘How do you get to do that as a job?’ and ‘How do you know which bits to colour?’. Worth it for that alone. 

Anyway when the local primary school comes knocking it seems like it’s time to give a little back. We were asked if we could brighten up some old sheds with the school character’s which are anthropomorphic creatures that embody the school’s values. Such as Casey Courage (the hedgehog), Courtney Curiosity (the magpie), Eddie Excellence (the sea lion/walrus) and Intanya Integrity (the badger). 

 A couple of hours later and hey presto! you’ve got yourself a mural. At least the kids seem to like it as they even sent us a card telling us so! At least our karma score is safe for now…




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