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Other People’s Graffiti (Car Wang)

In this next instalment of other people’s graffiti I give you the car wang. There I was walking to the shop to get my dinner when I stumbled across this beauty. Now unlike the other car we have shown in the ongoing series this one doesn’t seem to be a serious aggrievement due to the fact that instead of paint being used it is only tape this time. That said I do like the slight droopiness to the wang as if that represents the persons feelings towards the other.




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Other People’s Graffiti (Ju Jitsu car park edition)

I’d love to have thought this was an actual bit of street art but, alas, I think it’s just a weird sign. I still thought it deserved a spot in ‘Other People’s Graffiti’ though for the mental image it creates. A ju jitsu car park? A car park in which one must perform in a series of ju jitsu fights in order to win the right to park? Or one in which you may park freely but ju jitsu trained warriors will perhaps jump you on your way to the ticket machine? I’m confused. You’ll be happy to learn we didn’t have the car with us at this point. Things could have got ugly.



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Other Peoples Graffiti (Food for Thought update)

Whilst making our way through sunny Streatham we chanced upon the boards we painted for the Streatham Food Festival last year that were still in place. There’s a couple of minor tags and what seems to be a lot of white paint that has been thrown at it. On closer inspection it would seem that the main culprit in defacing our picture is, in fact, the pigeons that live on the guttering above and have deposited their thoughts on the piece from on high. It would indeed seem that everyone is a critic.



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Other People’s Graffiti (Southend car edition)

In today’s exciting instalment of Other People’s Graffiti we have a bashed up Astra with ‘twat’ scrawled on it that we saw whilst on our travels in Southend. Now, whilst the handstyle is a little basic there’s no mistaking the message. I could sit here all day making up comical reasons why this could have taken place but sadly I don’t know anything about it so speculation is all I’ve currently got. I’m currently erring towards a jealous lover style situation. If you happen to live in Southend and know anything about this little bit of street art I’d appreciate if you’d drop us a line. Inquiring minds need to know.



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‘Other people’s graffiti’ – Palace Road

'Other people's graffiti' - Palace Road

‘Other people’s graffiti’ – Palace Road

So for our next instrumental of ‘Other people’s graffiti’ we have this absolute classic from an unknown street artist. Now apart from the hard hitting message which seems somewhat socially motivated you have to wonder what this person was doing with a spray can in the first place. It would seem from their can control that they’re new to the game but that hasn’t stopped them from getting up which i have to admit i do admire. Is it just a punk spraying on a wall or is the person going to become one of humanity’s big thinkers? I’m just not sure…



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Other people’s graffiti – Brixton

In our occasional but continuing series of other people’s graffiti here’s a lovely shot of a ghost sign on the side of a building in Brixton advertising some long gone menswear brands (including classic British sportswear brand Bukta). It’s difficult to explain exactly what it is about ghost signs that I love the most – the fact that they’re even still there, the fact that they’re like kind of weird snapshot of the past or the fact that they’re blatant graffiti that most people don’t even notice exist. Probably all of the above plus I love the fact they’re usually a little grimy too. Perfection.



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