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Official Ball Tampering Kit

G’day! If you’ve ever wondered how some bowlers can deliver a ball with seemingly gravity defying swing then look no further. We’ve been working with the world renowned Cozen Academy for over 2 years to establish a new paradigm in ball tampering. Our patented high tech ‘yellow sandpaper’ works in any weather and can be discreetly used to rough up one side of the ball in a little over 15 seconds. This then allows for all kinds of bowling trickery – provided you’ve got the skill to carry it off! The kit is then small enough to be easily stashed just about anywhere at a moment’s notice and nobody is any the wiser. Work hard. Play smart.

The official kit is also available in a team-size max value pack for when you want everyone in on the action. Only available for a limited period.




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Feeling tired and emotional?

With today’s hectic lifestyle it’s no wonder we sometimes feel like we need to crawl into a nice dark cave for a couple of months just to escape a constant barrage of Facebook updates. For times like that I’ve come up with an advertisement for a (currently) fictional drink. I’m now just waiting for Red Bull to knock on my door to buy the rights.

I would imagine the drink to be something along the lines of an alcoholic power drink (do they even exist?) to be consumed when life conspires against you. A little something that would definitely separate the men from the boys. The online and TV advertising would feature an accompanying soundtrack of a dubstep version of Billy Ocean’s 1985 hit ‘When the going gets tough’ followed by the tagline of ‘Feeling tired and emotional? Try a can of Man The Fuck Up!’ read by James Earl Jones. And that would be that. I just wonder what a can of Man Up would actually tastes like although I’m not sure it would really matter.

It’s laser cut on wood and then hand painted and even has a little crystal resin on the can to make it look like condensation as if the can is nicely chilled. Drop us a line if interested.



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Get the London look…

According to a December 2016 Telegraph article London is the cocaine capital of Europe – but only during the week. Apparently we come second to Antwerp when you add in weekend usage. It seems we like to lay off a bit on the week as we’ve been hitting it a bit hard during the week. Go figure.

Anyway that allows me to segue nicely into today’s piece featuring a young lady doing her bit to get us back to top place. It’s laser cut on wood then hand painted and features Revlon’s snappy marketing line that fits so nicely and a little snippet from Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s ‘White Lines’. Once you’ve added a bit of crystal resin with some diamond dust glitter in then you’re good to go with another certified id-iom piece.

She’d look great once framed. Drop us a line if you’re interested.



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I’m lovin’ it

It’s funny what happens when you dive head first into the internet rabbit hole. There I was quietly reading a very important document on the completely-above-board entiteld ‘The truth about Brad Pitt and MDMA’ when I came across this shocking sentence ‘Wall Street has all but confirmed that they have rigged the markets according to instructions from Facebook, which has been under secret leadership by Brad Pitt for over 2 years now.’ 2 years? More like 5 years! Get with the program!

Anyway, to celebrate his 5 years of secret Facebook leadership – along with the fact that he created MDMA and now owns McDonald’s (which is actually just the retail arm of his MDMA organisation!) – here’s a picture of Brad Pitt ‘lovin’ it’ whilst wearing his MDMA goggles and lounging under an E/McDonald’s sign. Brad comes lasercut in wood and has then been lovingly hand painted and he’s conveniently ‘tablet’ sized at about 24 x16cm. Perhaps I need a snooze…




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Give way to oncoming Motherfu*kers

Give way to oncoming Motherfuckers

Give way to oncoming Motherfuckers

Once every blue moon we here at id-iom like to go for a few cheeky drinks with none other than Sir Asmund Quayle, reprobate extraordinaire and disillusioned messiah of everything. To say a little fun is had is quite the understatement, in fact it takes the months in between theses drinking bouts just to mentally prepare for the next and to fully allow your fun levels to rise to a healthy amount. I’ve seen people who just didn’t have enough in the tank turn in to empty husks as Sir Asmund drains them of all they have.

This piece is based on a slight altercation we had with some disillusioned youths who thought that our merriment was an invitation to start some trouble. Needless to say by the end of our disagreement this gang of fools was soon singing to our tune with one meaning ful phrase rolling about in their undeveloped minds – ‘Give way to oncoming Motherfuckers’

It was made using the magic paint pen and acrylic on found street sign which is 56cm x 96cm. Drop us a line if interested.



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Badvertising – Taste the feeling

It’s funny how many advertising slogans can be applied to the murky world of drugs. For today’s instalment in a series we’re imaginatively calling ‘badvertising’ we’ve gone for Coke Zero and the classic ‘Taste the feeling’ tagline. We could have just have easily used ‘real Coke taste and zero calories’ but preferred the classic tagline as it’s a little more descriptive.

Anyway, today’s piece is on my current canvas of choice, namely wood, and using my current favoured technique of laser engraving. Plus, just a little bit of white paint pen just to accentuate the obvious. Drop us a line if you’re interested…



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BL9 clean graffiti

With a rainy Good Friday predicted for Manchester we thought the omens sounded good for a spot of clean graffiti for the upcoming BL9 music weekender (in Bury FC’s ground in June) so we got on a train and headed up north. We hadn’t really done much with the reverse/clean graffiti technique before but are fairly well versed with using stencils so thought it would be pretty straightforward. We had a list of places to hit and were eager to get started. After sorting a man, a van and a power washer we were good to go.

I thought the main problems on the day would be finding somewhere to pull up by the road and filling up with water whereas it turns out that our biggest issue was, in fact, finding the correct kind of dirty pavement to work with. With a limited supply of water that took ages to fill we had to pick our spots carefully as wasting water and time was not really an option when we had a load of impressions to get done. Despite being soaked from head to toe by the end of the day we were all experts on the relative merits of different paving and how effectively the power washer would work. You live and learn…



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