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Odds and sods

You’ve seen pretty much all we have to offer at the House of Pain(t) – but not quite everything. Today we have a round up of all the stuff that hasn’t fitted in elsewhere. We’ve got some wheatpastes, stencils, bits of cardboard and a bit of wall…


My least favourite bobbleheaded creature has to that stupid dog from the Churchill adverts. If i’m honest I’ve got little in the way of explanation for this piece or why he has what appears to be a bobblehead other than the wall was there and needed painting on. Not everything in this world can have a purpose…

Mupan flexing his muscles. Just a little.

Mupan has bigger muscles than you without even flexing. You know it and he knows it. Now on your way…

One too many

We all know the feeling (well, Team id-iom certainly does) of having just one drink too many in pursuit of a good time. The main problem is the more you drink the less self control you have – just when you need it most. Ah well, at least it’s the wekeend soon enough.

Tigers Only

Strange Facts #11 Siegfried and Roy once stayed in the House of Pain(t) (back when it was a normal house) and their tigers stayed with them in the basement. This was a warning sign above the door. And the male tiger always wore a hat. And that’s a fact. Or at least that’s what i was told…


We’re a little late for Movember but this gentleman is not the kind of man who only has a moustache for a month. No, siree. His is a permanent fixture and he’s proud of it.

I never really read superhero stuff as a kid

The funny thing about this piece is that i did read superhero stuff as a kid. Ha! Hey, irony, try that one on for size! I have a huge treasure trove of comics stashed away at home, an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of comic trivia and have even worked at a comics publisher. So there. Anyway, i digress.

I’m not sure if you will have seen a film called Super (which i quite enjoyed – maybe i should start doing film reviews too?) but the girl in this picture reminds me of his female sidekick Boltie (played by Ellen Page).

I’m a mole and I live in a hole

How on earth this mole seems to be climbing out of a pot that wouldn’t even fit him in I have no clue. Suffice it to say the mole was sat in the basement and needed a new home before we moved out.

We’ve got one final wall to show in the next day or two then we’ll hopefully have some demolition porn and then the House of Pain(t) will be no more. We will also have the video that the guys from Spraying Bricks shot that should be out before Xmas and also a little video for posterity that we shot ourselves (when it’s finally all edited together). Bring on the next condemned building…





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King Dog and the Angels

King Dog and the Angels

King Dog and the Angels

When we started working upstairs at the House of Pain(t) we invited a couple of friends along to help out. In one of the upstairs rooms Perspicere went to work doing a thread piece that my poor photography skills just don’t do justice to as it’s pretty elaborate and nebulous (it’s the thinner dark thread you can just about make out in the background). He even came back the next week to try and get it completed but then had to leave early due to a small domestic emergency. After doing pretty much all the rest of the house we had his not-quite-completed room to contend with. As there were so many nails in the walls and thread all over the place the only thing we could really do was continue his work to some degree.

So we decided to make it some kind of  angel and ‘laser’ protected shrine to a strange canine king that is looking benignly down on a pair of kissing angels. It sounds odd now I’ve written it down but it seemed the only course of action we could reasonably take at that time.  You have to use your imagination a little to pretend the red threads are laser beams protecting the shrine but i must stress that the effect is really much better if you see it in person (which you can’t). The angels had been lurking in the basement for some project that never came to pass and they just took up too much space to be transported onwards with us. I hope they’re happy.




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Hanging tough

Hanging Tough

Hanging Tough

Arghhhhh! It’s the pink room again! I don’t know if I could ever have lived with such garish coloured walls. But luckily I don’t have to. As we are now slowly beginning to sort out the studio in preparation for the imminent arrival of the demolition crew we found (amongst other things) a load of wheatpastes that we’d somehow neglected to paste up and thought that could be easily remedied whilst taking up a bit more space in our death row townhouse. So after mixing up some pasting solution we set to work with gusto.

As the wheatpaste was only of her top half we thought it best to give her a bit of shadow and have it look like she’s stood behind something. I like to think of this girl as the proper tenant of the pink room and that she’d sooner punch you in the kidneys than suffer fools gladly.



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Pigeon Grenades

Pigeon Grenades. Good Price.

Pigeon Grenade – cryptic advertising wheatpaste

Living in London it’s  sometimes hard to ignore the pigeons that are constantly hanging around looking shifty with their scruffy wings and malformed feet. They are particularly numerous around the city centre and obviously flock around you whenever you produce something to eat. Well now we have the answer. Pigeon Grenades! Safe to use – even in an urban environment. They will blow those suckers right out of the sky with a minimum of collateral damage. Get them now whilst the good prices last. Email Mark for details…

I first came across Mark Aburi when he sent me an email promising a sizeable share of several million dollars if only i’d help him shift it out of Africa. Since then I’ve decided to do my best to make sure he gets some emails – although they probably aren’t quite the emails he was hoping for. Welcome to id-iom’s continued attempt at artistic scam-baiting. You can view our earlier efforts herehere and here.

Please feel free to get in touch with Mark (at about Pigeon Grenades, any of our earlier efforts or just about any topic at all as he’s happy to help on any issue – from the mundane to the world-shatteringly important. Just drop him a line…



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Please help!

Please help!

Who can resist such a plaintive cry for assistance? And such a cute looking pigeon to boot. I certainly couldn’t resist and if I found Percy I would definitely be straight on to to let him know exactly where his lost pet could be found.

We’ve delighted in a bit of ‘artistic scam baiting‘ before but are taking the use of the scammer’s email address to new heights. We have crafted a poster for his lost ‘pigeon’ in the hopes that someone will help out in the search for Percy. There’s a lot of pigeons in London but this one is quite distinctive as pigeons go as i’m sure you can tell. If you have any leads at all I’m sure he’d appreciate if you get in touch. It may brighten up his otherwise tedious day of sending countless emails trying to con strangers out of their hard earned money…




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Olympic sports I’d like to see… The Hipster Hunt

The inaugural Hipster Hunt 2012

The rules would be simple. 50 hipsters would be rounded up from the streets of Shoreditch and Brick Lane and herded to the Olympic stadium in Stratford. There they would be hunted over a cunningly designed game zone by competitors from across the globe and the gold would be awarded to the one who brought the most glasses back in their trophy bag. Easy.

After a quick bit of recon to work out where she’d look her best we got her up complete with shotgun and official ‘Hipster Hunt’ poster. Where better but the East End of course. I’m sure she’ll be bagging braces of the swaggering bespectacled try-hard’s left, right and centre. Go team GB!



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With good weather still prevalent (although I believe it won’t last much longer) we thought it prudent to get out and paste up some more of the numerous posters that are hanging around the studio. So with the sun on our backs and a cheeky smile on our faces we set out to take our wares to the streets.

Iron Jelloid Prophylactics

Take this Brititsh advert, purportedly from 1897, which for ‘Iron Jelloids’ which are ‘dainty, palatable, non-constipating and non-injurious to the teeth’. They even contained a little banjo salve and, as the advert claims, were widely acknowledged by discerning men as the best in the business. I’m sure they made a fantastic addition to the Prophylactic family of goods – which in 1897 was becoming something of a runaway success with their iconic cock logo being used even in this very early advert. I can only guess why they aren’t still available today…

Tobacco Bloom (complete with googly eyes)

I recently visited the ‘High Society’ exhibition at the Wellcome Trust and was very surprised to learn via a huge wall mounted infographic that the annual amount of money spent globally on the tobacco market is $625 billion as compared to $200 billion on the total illegal drug market and $825 billion on the entire pharmaceutical market (unfortunately i couldn’t find a version of the infographic image i’m talking about but have found more by same guy, David McCandless, on his website. This led me to thinking just how much the huge tobacco companies need to continue to sell us their product – and have us buy it. They have so much invested in continuing having millions of addicts that it boggles the mind. In some twisted way this led to the creation of Tobacco Bloom. The googly eyes are probably my favourite part of this piece. So there you have it.

Heroin Electronica

I knew i had this one nailed when a friend came up with the title. Little did he know it at the time (as he was talking about something else entirely) but he had just helped me put this one to bed. I love it when a plan comes together…

All I do is win

‘All I do is win’ is my personal mantra which i repeat to myself 500 times each morning whilst staring intently at myself in the bathroom mirror. It hasn’t worked yet but i’m convinced it will some day…

I’m particular

The lady in this piece is indeed very particular. I think you can tell by the jaunty angle of her hat. That is all for now.



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Let the sun shine

The sun is back in London town! How long we have waited it’s hard to say but at least the good weather is here for the moment. And as it’s good to ‘make hay when the sun shines’ we thought we’d hit the streets for a little pasting action as you can never be sure if the weather will last or even if it will be back…


Girls Romances (wheatpaste)

The Girls Romances magazine cover is actually to be used in another piece but I thought it best to make a couple of copies for pasting up while I was using the screen. The magazine is surely a must read for any young lady – complete with an interview with Gary Barlow on his great new tantric sex-ercise technique!

Graffiti Contract (wheatpaste)

Graffiti Contract (wheatpaste)

We have featured the Graffiti Contract before but thought it too good a chance not to have a few more out on the streets.

Prosecute this! (wheatpaste)

When I was growing up I occasionally saw the graffiti ‘Bill Posters is innocent’ about the place and didn’t understand it until my dad explained the joke to me at some point. I reckon I must have thought he was some kind of Robin Hood figure who the police were after but had public opinion on his side. This obviously appealed to me and lodged in my mind and now, after a good deal of processing, has now manifested itself in this piece.

I selected the date of 1880 as after a little internet research it would appear that was the date the ‘Bill Posters is innocent’ joke first made it to print (apparently in The London Graphic) so it’s certainly not anything new. I like the fact it still works today though…

Wha Gwan? (wheatpaste)

Wha Gwan? (wheatpaste)

For the uninitiated, the phrase ‘Wha gwan’ (whaa gwaan) means ‘what’s going on’ in Jamaican Patois. The spelling varies but the meaning does not change. As we live in Brixton this is not an unusual phrase to hear around the place.



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A long time ago in a galaxy blah, blah, blah

Someone got in touch with us asking if we’d done any Star Wars related imagery on the street for possible inclusion in a book on the topic. Since then I’ve watched ‘Revenge of the Sith‘ for the first time and was quite relieved after the horror of Jar Jar Binks that George Lucas can actually still make a decent film. So with renewed vigour and a little more faith in the whole Star Wars franchise I made a quick check of the id-iom archives and we managed to locate a few bits that could potentially be of use and then set to work putting them up and getting some snaps.

Nobody understands me

R2D2 has a problem. Nobody can really understand him. They all pretend they do just to keep him happy but his tweets and whistles are completely unintelligible and they only keep him round because he knows how to make a decent mojito…

Don't be a puppet for the Empire!

Graffiti on cardboard found in a clonetrooper training area on Kamino. Despite an intensive search the culprit was never found… The search continues.

Join the Empire and see the Galaxy

An enlistment/propaganda poster from the walls of a drinking establishment in Coruscant.

Galactic Foreign Policy

A cheeky bit of political graffiti from the mean streets of Tatooine. Stick it to the Man!



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Paste it up!

Mupan sits. And thinks.

Mupan gets ready for war

Mupan flexes.

SMILE - pasted in Paris

Bill Posters telling you like it is

Just check my jaunty angle! Giving it to the man by refusing to be straight!

Opportunity dances with those already on the floor!

Round 2! Bill telling it like it is again.

Pure white baby!

With the feeling that Summer is definitely on it’s way out we thought it best to hit the streets with a few pieces as they were beginning to build up a little and it’s not really a job i relish in wintertime. With that thought in mind we took a wander round the East End and also made our way south of the river. We even had a little international help and managed to get some pieces up in Paris and Sao Paulo just to round things off. I think my favourite pieces are the ones featuring our little character who we’ve just christened as Mupan. We first used him here but I think you can expect to see a little more of him if you keep your eyes peeled…




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