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Joe 90 (2016 reboot)

The original Joe 90 is a 1960’s British kids TV series that followed the adventures of a nine year old boy, Joe McClaine, who led a double life as a schoolchild/superspy. In my gritty 2016 reboot he’s a dyslexic 24 year old fast food employee from East London, Joe McClaine who leads a double life as anonymous grime rapper/crime fighter MC Joe 90. To set it apart from anything else out there it would be broadcast flipped 90 degrees to the left in a 16:9 format just to really hammer home the 90 mentioned in the title and give it more interest to the aging man-child audience at which it is aimed who would¬†nod sagely¬†with their bearded heads canted onto their shoulders at Joe’s savage lyrics as he defeats yet another Shoreditch evildoer .




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