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You have an easily forgettable face

Simply this piece is about the time a woman came up to me to tell me I had an easily forgettable face, the absolute cheek of it. I demanded to know what made her think such a thing.That was a mistake as she then proceeded to list numerous things that she deemed led her to the belief that my face was forgettable. I stood there for 45 mins before she came to the end of her rant. I just didn’t know that someone could berate you for your facial features or lack thereof for so long. Luckily I had my phone out at the time as I was using it to transcribe some of my musings and managed to get nearly 976 well thought out insults that I can now use in any situation. Lets just hope no one on twitter gets on the wrong side of me, otherwise the list is coming out…




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mac commission small

After our last release of pics from our Big Cartel page someone got in touch and asked if the little image we used at the top of the page was available as a picture. Never one to turn a fun commission down we agreed to make it reality and here we have the character known only as ‘masthead’. His past is unknown and his future is unwritten. Presently though he’s having a quite pint whilst waiting for a mysterious friend to turn up. That’s all I can say for now…

When he gets back he’s heralding our month on new releases on our Big Cartel page. There’s a whole host of brand new stuff that’s all at the bargain price of £35 (plus postage). Head on down and check it out…

Unfortunately Masthead is not available from id-iom big cartel as this was a commission.



Title: Masthead
Materials: Paint pen, pencil and charcoal
Size: A4

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Cross my heart

Cross my heart

Cross my heart (edition of 5)

‘Cross my heart and hope to die’ is an idiom that one would use to emphasise that something is true. This lady on the other hand is a tricky little customer and I have a hard time believing anything that comes out of her mouth. Even if she has crossed her heart. Maybe, just maybe, this time she is on the level…

She’s a compact A4 in size and is from a small edition of 5. Each has been completed using the magic of screen printing, paint pens, spraypaint and stencils. Signed on reverse.



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