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Badvertising – Taste the feeling

It’s funny how many advertising slogans can be applied to the murky world of drugs. For today’s instalment in a series we’re imaginatively calling ‘badvertising’ we’ve gone for Coke Zero and the classic ‘Taste the feeling’ tagline. We could have just have easily used ‘real Coke taste and zero calories’ but preferred the classic tagline as it’s a little more descriptive.

Anyway, today’s piece is on my current canvas of choice, namely wood, and using my current favoured technique of laser engraving. Plus, just a little bit of white paint pen just to accentuate the obvious. Drop us a line if you’re interested…




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Mysteries solved. No job too small.

Mysteries solved. No job too small.

I’m on a roll now with our take on scam baiting. It all started when I received an email from aburimar777@gmail.com kindly offering me 40% of $5.5 million if I could help him get it out of Burkina Faso. I liked his brazen approach but thought his email could do with a little work so decided to give it a little style makeover (see here).  We’ve also used his email on a few bizarre posters with the hope that he’ll receive some fun emails to brighten up his day. Now we’ve reinvented him as a man who’ll help you sort absolutely any of life’s mysteries – from the trivial to the more challenging philosophical conundrums. I’m just hoping that a few bored commuters are going to be mystified enough to take up his kind offer and chuck him an email…




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I am not advert. I am art.

I am not advert. I am art.

The Tube. Love it or hate it it’s usually the quickest and most efficient way around London. But it’s often really rather busy. The entire tube system is festooned with adverts and due to my aversion to having low quality advertisements thrust into my consciousness I thought it only fair if we put up a little something of our own. A little spraypaint and screen-printing later we have ‘I am not advert. I am art’ and she now proudly rides the tube proclaiming her reason for being. Hopefully it’ll stay in place until the adverts are next changed and with any luck will leave a few mystified commuters in it’s wake.



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