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ADE 651 next generation – in store now (by id-iom)

Before i start this post i should make clear that to you really need to read the scandalous story of the ADE 651 (and prepare to be astounded!)  – wikipedia entry on ADE 651

Because you demanded it we’ve gone and developed a brand new version of our top selling remote portable substance detector! Forget the ADE 651, be amazed by the new ADE 652 – brought to you by ATSC industries…

Text from front of pack:

Brand new product
Stylish new design

Sniff out whatever you want wherever you want

Needs no batteries – powered by solar winds

Used the world over

Based on principles of nuclear quadropole resonance

Another great ATSC product

Text from back of pack:

By programming the detection cards to specifically target a particular substance, (through the proprietary process of electro-static matching of the ionic charge and structure of the substance), the ADE 652 will ‘by-pass’ all known attempts to conceal the target substance.

Can detect anything you want (including, but not limited to, guns, ammunition, drugs, truffles, zombies, robots, unicorns and bank notes) from a distance of up to 10 miles – through lead, water, rock or even from an airplane (up to an altitude of 5 kilometres).

Major-General Jehad al-Jabiri of Iraq’s Interior Ministry’s General Directorate for Combating Explosives has defended the device: "Whether it’s magic or scientific, what I care about is detecting bombs. I don’t care what they say. I know more about bombs than the Americans do. In fact, I know more about bombs than anyone in the world”

Bigger versions of the pictures can be found here


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