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When you run out of paper

Sometimes, when you’ve run out of paper but the Muse is still riding you like a seaside donkey there’s nowt for it but to grab whatever is at hand and set to work. A newspaper advert for an estate agents was the selected canvas and a slightly sinister face in black and white was the preferred image. Don’t ask me why because I really don’t know. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. If only I can find where I’ve put this then it may eventually makes it way to the Wheatpaste Department and then onto the street – unless someone demands it in their life. Which would be a bit odd. But stranger things have happened at sea. Or so they say.




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Keep rolling

With the advent of legal cannabis in some US states and the legalise bandwagon gaining momentum in other a few other places internationally I thought I’d look ahead to a time when the UK has followed suit and id-iom have managed to get themselves a combined gallery/studio space/coffeeshop in London’s bustling West End.

In order to market to our new found clientele we’d need some handy marketing materials – which is where our little infographic cards would come in pretty handy. It’s an illustrated guide for beginners on how to go about crafting a small joint. On the reverse are a selection of id-iom approved advertisements which we hope would be of interest to our prospective patrons. There, I’ve got it all sorted – apart from what to actually do with them. I was initially thinking of getting them into the little pockets on the backs of airline seats but I only ever seem to travel Ryanair and they’ve removed the pockets. The cheap feckers.

If anyone can think of something fun we can do with them please do drop us a line as I can’t currently think of a suitable use for them. Which probably begs the question of why I created them in the first place but that’s not really for me to answer right now.



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Error 404: Advert not found

With the somewhat gusty weather we’ve had recently this billboard has managed to peel itself naked. And that, of course, is quite the affront to any self-respecting urban artist. So with our woolen thinking caps pulled down firmly on to our respective heads, we came up with a quick joke on the idea of the advert not being there.

We presumed the matter to be time sensitive as we weren’t sure when the ad man would be back to shove more tasteless shots of half naked women down our gullet so quickly set to work cutting a stencil. This is probably the reason why its so small compared to the actual billboard or at least that’s the story we’re sticking to. It was definitely nothing to do with the fact it was measured ‘by eye’…



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After thinking about Donald Duck’s famously explosive temper I did a little research and found out that (amongst other things) that his birthday is Friday the 13th! Once I’d found that little gem out the idea for this piece pretty much formed itself.

Donald had been drinking hard the day it all started. He’d just found out that Daisy had, for decades, been embezzling money from his ever dwindling income streams and then came the final indignity when he caught her in bed with Huey, one of his nephews that he’d given so much to over the years. He just snapped. And it all gets out of hand from there…

This is most definitely a film I’d love to see made although I’m reckoning it will take a pretty big turn in Disney’s fortunes before they start pumping out the animated horror films. Will just one person who sees this ‘advert’ think so? I can only hope.




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Don’t sweat it.

A kind of subtle anti-Nike advert. How very Christmas… We were asked to do a trainer themed commission for a Christmas gift. I wasn’t initially very enamoured with effectively doing a Nike advert but I thought there must be something we could do to give it that little id-iom twist. The brief was very specific and had to feature the Nike Air Max 90 Infrared. Beyond that we could exactly what we wanted. It is a brief which doesn’t have too much leeway but we thought we’d give it a go all the same.

After a good few failed attempts (which all just looked like real Nike adverts) we came up with an anti-advert. We took their famous ‘Just do it.’ slogan and give a little reference to the claims of using sweatshops that have plagued Nike over the years. ‘Don’t sweat it.’ The advertising people couldn’t come up with better if i do say so myself. Like i said, very Christmas. Ho, ho, ho.



Title: Don’t sweat it.

Media: Handcut stencils, acrylic, paint pen, ink & spraypaint

Size: A3 watercolour paper

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