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She was strange. It was Free art Friday.

She was strange

She was strange

Another Friday and another free door! I just keep finding these blasted things on the street and being such a Womble I can’t  just leave them there alone and unpainted. It’s my civic duty to take these poor neglected doors and give them a new lease of life.  This girl was strange and she made me feel strange, she just had something about her. Perhaps it was the smoky ambience she provided or maybe it was the feeling of constant unease she seemed to promote. Perhaps it was a combination of the two…

As it would be nearly impossible to identify the location from the first shot we thought it only fair to include a second shot that may give it a little more context. Although you can’t really make it out in this pic we’ve got some glitter on her lips and on some of the gold splashes. Just to give her that extra sparkle. I wonder how long this one will last…




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